Two Handles Desktop EMSinco Machine Body Sculpting Fat Reduction

Two Handles Desktop EMSinco Machine designed for aesthetic purpose, having 2 applicators with higher intensity. It’s cutting-edge technology in non-invasive body contouring, as it BURNS FAT & BUILDS MUSCLE at the same time.

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Working Principle For those who want to quickly reduce fat and increase muscle or change their body shape, or those who have no time or difficulty in persisting in exercise, can achieve abdominal muscle vest line, peach buttocks and separated rectus abdominis for postpartum women, It is an innovative reform equipment."HIFEM " can easily shape muscle and reduce fat for you, and the effect is remarkable. The device is non-invasive, safe and painless, no radiation, no side effects, no need for anesthesia, you can be thin when lying down, it can tighten muscles and lose weight, there is no discomfort during the treatment, and there is no need for a recovery period after the treatment.   HIFEM • The effective penetration depth of HIFEM is 8cm, covering the whole neural network and driving the contraction of the whole muscle layer; • The effect of fat apoptosis and "super muscle exercise" can never be achieved by physical exercise; • Studies in the United States have shown that the effect of four treatments is the best; • The treatment experience is good.   Advantage 1. Medical research has proved that after completing a course of treatment, HIFEM can effectively increase muscle by 16% and reduce fat by 19% at the same time. It presents the beautiful lines of waistcoat line, mermaid line and peach hip. 2. Improving the abdominal muscles that have become loose due to separation of rectus abdominis, and shaping the vest line. It is especially suitable for mothers who have increased belly circumference and loose belly due to the separation of rectus abdominis after childbirth, returning to a girlish posture. 3. Exercise strengthens the core muscle group, including the abdominal muscles of the large core group (rectus abdominis, external oblique muscle, internal oblique muscle, transverse abdominal muscle) and gluteus major muscle in the small core group. The core muscle group can protect the spine, maintain the stability of trunk, maintain the correct posture, improve the athletic ability and reduce the chance of injury, provide structural support for the whole body, and shape a healthy young body   Benefits of building muscle √Improving obesity constitution and the efficiency of weight loss √Building a strong and handsome body √Preventing aging and maintaining physical youth √Reducing chronic pain of muscles and joints √Helping blood circulation smooth √Protecting the safety of uterus, intestine and other organs √Improving and preventing diabetes √Reducing high blood pressure to relief the pressure of blood vessel √Preventing heart disease √Enhancing memory and preventing dementia   Product Introduction  2手柄详情页1 2手柄详情页2 2手柄详情页3 2手柄详情页4 2手柄详情页5   Technical Parameter
Product Name Two Handles Desktop EMSinco Machine
Magnetic vibration intensity 7Tesla
Input voltage AC110V-230V 
Output Power 300W-3000W          
Output Power 3-50HZ           
Fuse 20A
Host Size 52×39×34cm
Size of flight shipping Case 64×46×79cm
Gross Weight About 38kg

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